Street musicians playing a mysterious chord progression

Hi all,

Take a look at the picture below.

A guy with a guitar, and a guy singing.
These guys are spies, and they are singing in the city during lunch break.
It’s just another day in North Korea.

But then I noticed something odd.

The songs they were playing, didn’t sound like the traditional North Korean songs (aka: NK-POPS) and they were more like J-POP music.

I don’t know much about music, but the chord progression was somewhat like a song called “Another Story” from the Japanese band “Mr.Children”. The melody was very smooth.

It’s obvious that people can’t sing J-POP and K-POP songs in the street.
I asked them about the songs and they told me they wrote it by themselves, and that the lyrics were about there loyalty to Kim Jong-il.

As you know, NK-POP is like this?

At that time, I thought maybe songs and melodies created by the National band as an “official popular song”, were pretty different from the songs that ordinary people made for themselves.

This is more than ten years ago.

I’ve talked about this here too.

According to the people living there, prevailing K-POP and Korean culture will be punished.
How? Don’t even think about it.

This was when things were tense South Korea during Rhee Myonbaku”s presidency, but things should have not changed.

I’m not sure with the penalty of buying a South Korean drama, but I heard that the residents were punished just for watching it.

If you are planning to go on a trip to North Korea, make sure you don’t do anything unnecessary.

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