North Korean official is a devoted husband

Hey all.

This is a story when I had a interview at the conference between representative of youth from North Korea and South Korea.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in this conference at all and all I was thinking was to go home.But looking back at the time, I must be at such a rare situation. Idiot never should become a journalist, really…

So, although I remember nothing, but the conversation I had with North Korean official left an impression. He is a scholar graduate and was taking charge of the clerical work at a certain treaty with the Japanese government. With his high educated back ground and being such a gentleman made me think that elites are no differentiated by any cultures and or countries.

Although, this elite guy loves to mention about his wife during the conversation, and which was a little bit too much for me. I didn’t even imagine that a guy such elite like him, appealing himself as a devoted husband to an ordinary journalist like me. His wife must be proud of him, having an elite husband who loves his wife very much that cannot even stop mentioning her. I literally switched to the plan of praising his wife, before my stupid bit leaks out. Saying something like “You must be the happiest one! Your loving wife is waiting for you at home” blah blah blah…

Then, he who was feeling shy suddenly turned to a serious look and has cut back as follows.



“Why are women staying at home?? Doing what??”


Well, since it’s a socialistic country and two-income family is very popular, so that there is no concept of “full-time housewife” with them. From that in mind, nothing wrong in his reaction thought it actually surprised me…It is very interesting that having a conversation with North Korean people because we never be able to read the climax of the conversation.

Although, I don’t think that a female status is equivalent to a male in social customs. For example, the high career guide who I’ve mentioned before also said with anger feeling “I’m the only one who do the housekeeping job!!” Well, this isn’t only happening in North Korea.


This is a picture of young people from North and South Korea, having fun at Karaoke. Please forgive me, I know you can’t see anything. It is natural to think that the representative of South Korea is marked by the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency. (But at the time, they were coming lawfully under political power of those days, so I think anything shouldn’t be happened to them) This is incredible scene to believe now. By the way, one of the girl from South Korean representative who is the full-specification elite and has promised future, was debating saying “it is better to unify in general situation” I guess, she couldn’t act counter to the society and might be working at SAMSUNG like a corporate slave.


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