A gay celebrity from North Korea!?


You can find good-looking anywhere around the world.

This is Lee Ryong-hun, a young actor from North Korea.


He looks somewhat like…..KABA.chan, a Japanese gay celebrity, and so I thought “People in North Korea are into gay celebrities now…!?”

But that was just my first impression.

The article explains him as “long hair, pale and does not speak much but when he’s on stage, he’s a totally different man.”
“He performs wild stunts and does great acting in action-movies. He also has a good sense of humor and brings a lot of laughter in comedy-movies.”

He was praised by a lot of people in the industry from North Korea, and they express him as “one of the very few actors who know how to express themselves.”

Maybe his feminine looks were just a disguise. He was a man with talent.


There was another episode. It was said that during a dangerous stunt, a real spear struck him in the chest, but he finished acting with bandages. I started to like this guy!!
Well, what I was really interested in, was an episode between this guy and a senior actor.
It’s about the senior actor teaching him about acting “personally”.
Lee commented,
“I was very happy to talk to the person I admired. We live in the same building now, and so I go to him when I’m lost.”

As a “Fujyoshi” ( a Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men – from Wikipedia),

I was really interested in the relationship between the two guys….

Maybe something more deeper maybe going on between them..

I wanted to free myself from these disgusting thoughts…

Well…..I guess the good looking guys in North Korea may look a little girlish but they do their job really great, and that’s maybe the reason he’s so attractive.

(for good measure)

This guy is also North Korean actor.But I don’t know his name…



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