Comic “A Rotten and Sick World”

Today, I would like to tell you about a weird comic book from North Korea.

The title is “A Rotten and Sick World” and was published in 1990.

It’s a comic book for kids to read, and it talks about how bad a capitalistic society is.
It’s an omnibus with horrifying stories and incidents that occur in a capitalistic country.

This is a “true story” about an actor who robs a bank in the middle of a shooting for a movie.
The characters look pretty good. They look like they’re from American comic books.

So the story goes on, telling how capitalism is dangerous…


A noteworthy fact is that there is a lot of South Korea bashing, and they have done it in a harsh way thoroughly.
When episodes are bout South Korea, the stories are all horrible and even the drawings look very stupid.

This story satirizes a Korean woman who has done a lot of plastic surgery. The point is that she is still ugly even after her operation, and one day her nose just falls off….

This is a story about a daughter of a government minister of South Korea.
She spends a lot of money for her beauty…..but she is realy ugly….uhhh…
This story really scared me…

It’s a story telling about how there are a lot of women fighting each other in JUDO style…in South Korea…
You must be kidding….!?


but the rules aren’t Judo at all….
and why wasn’t it Taekwon-Do?
Here’s another story.
“Every year, hundreds of criminals from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are entering South Korea. South Korea is a DEAD ZONE. A foreign journalist spoke –If there was an Olympic game for crime, South Korea would definitely win the gold medal.-”


Wow….discrimination against women….and South Korea…
I’ve seen this before…
But this was written in 1990.
This was happening way before people starting posting negative comments about South Korea on the internet in Japan.A lot of points are exaggerated but some stories…kind of sound true and familiar…

And this was all back in the 90’s.
I wish for peace, and that the relationships between the South and North develop progress.

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