Eighth Grader Boys From North Korea (Part I)

I just woke up and found out that a lot of people have been reading my blog!
It’s even been reprinted in “Rocket News”, a news site I always check! Wow!
I want to thank the people who have tweeted for me….but I was too scared to see them (predicting that they’re all negative comments….).

I wasn’t expecting this much attention….so I must say that this blog is “fiction based on some true stories”.It’s up to you whether if you believe it or not.

Today, I would like to tell you about eight grade boys from North Korea.

(In a middle school in Pyongyang)

There is one thing an average person like me could say, and that is that “eighth graders boys are all the same around the world”.

This was when I went to see an elite middle school in Pyongyang,where all the smart kids come from all over the country.There were about 50 students in one class, and 90% were boys. There were only 7-8 girls in a class.

A student from Korea University (located in Kodaira, Japan), held a trial lesson for the class. During the class, he suddenly spoke out and said “Today’s lesson is over. I’m going to give you a quiz right now.”

This is the quiz he gave.

Long time ago, there was a father and daughter.
One day, the father gathered three men from the neighborhood and said, “I’m going outside and I’m leaving my daughter with you guys. Make sure you don’t flirt with her!
When the father came home, he stuck up a gun to the three and said, “To prove that you didn’t flirt with my daughter, put the things I name, up your ass.”
The first man was told grapes.
The man put grapes up his behind, but he couldn’t hold on to it, and he was shot….

A few of the boys in the class were smirking.


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