Eighth Grader Boys From North Korea (Part II)

The student from Korea University continued his quiz.

The second man was told to us apples.
He hesitated, but managed to put the apple up his behind….
And yet, the second man was also killed.
Now here is my question.
Why did the second man get killed?

About 40 of the boys raised their hands, and they were all anxious to answer the question.

The second boy already knew the answer.

“It’s because he saw that the third man had to put in something more bigger!”

He was correct.

The second man saw the third man carrying a watermelon. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was too shocked, and so the apple came out of his behind by accident.


All the boys cheered with excitement when they heard the answer.They all stood up and clapped their hands. The girls weren’t satisfied with the quiz itself and were annoyed at the boys.

This was very interesting to me, but there’s probably no big reason to why the boys all loved the story about the “behinds”.

After class, the student and the class took a picture. The student told the class “That peace sign isn’t so cool. I’ll teach you a better one”, and he taught the class a new sign (it’s hard to explain so check the picture) to pose for the camera. The class all loved it and they kept doing it after a while.


When the student had to leave, all the class members were very upset and they all ran and chased the bus the student took. I was very moved when I saw this.


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