Mr. Park getting excited with Michael Jackson

Mr. Park arrived like a dashing whirlwind at the small boarding gate of Air Kyoro in Beijing International Airport.

He has quite a lot in impact with his character; speaking fluent English and talking positively to strangers. He was also outstanding with his particular fashion; like a Japanese football player Keisuke Honda, but tackier than him. Apparently he was one of the members of North Korean International sport team and he was on the way back home from the oversea training trip. It is still fresh in my memory that they won medals in various games at London Olympic in 2012.
I was very anxious about his, but luckily I got the seat next to him.
He started to talk to me casually with his “young” accent. It wasn’t Pyongyang or South Korean accent but some thing particular that could only explain as language that young people use.

Inside the airplane of Air Kyoro

Mr. Park: Are you a Journalist?
Me: Yes, I am

He looked very curious with the Walkman (CD/MD/MP3) player suspended from my neck, so I handed in to him.
At the time I had Michael Jackson in the player, and he murmured “Oh, it’s Michael Jackson!”, but then he started to read the North Korean newspaper. To be honest, it was “Rodong sinmun

By that time, I was even more anxious with him.

Me: What kind of music do you normally listen to?
Mr. Park: I don’t really listen to Korean music, but Western music.

He added that he likes one of the Canadian pop idol, because (they/she) is “erotic”.
Then he suddenly asked me…

Mr. Park: Do you have a boyfriend? or a partner?

“No” I answered, “I see. Well, I have one in Pyongyang! hehe” he replied with impish laugh. The way he laughed was quite similar to how young Japanese people do, although his friendly attitude hardly sees in them nowadays.

More of his episode, “Wow!! It’s so different! Totally different from the other airlines!” commented on in-flight announcement like the way of ‘Jigoku no Misawa’ (Japanese comic), he was almost captured me heart.


In-flight meal

The only one thing that made him serious was the topic of South Korea.
I asked “well, you actually spent your time often in foreign countries and obviously you do use Internet right? Do you see news of south korea as well??”
He suddenly changed his face expression.

Mr. Park: Well, I do read news about South Korea, but it’s all nonsense! Different from the truth and those exaggerated statement irritates me a lot.

Unfortunately I couldn’t ask him in which particular article he mentioned.
He wasn’t hesitated making a comment on phenomenon of his country. Although seeing him getting nervous on particular topic, there must be something that cannot put up with.

We exchanged each others contacts and got his Gmail address, but I thought I shouldn’t bother with his future so I didn’t make any move after all.

Few days later, I bumped into him at Pyongyang but he looked totally different from when I met him in the airplane, he was totally into “Pyongyang mode”, his accent and personal character as well.
I couldn’t tell, which of his character is true, probably both are him.

Mr. Park, good luck with your future!





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