A Bashō Maniac From North Korea

Who’s visiting my blog via searching for “grapes ass gun shot” lol!!

I would like to talk about an author.

I had a chance to learn the language in North Korea for three months.
Three best-selling authors taught me then, and it was a real spectacular experience for me!!

Some people may know, but the language in the North is a little different from the South.
The difference is just in the accents….but the point is, I don’t like the language in the South.
It irritates me when I hear the language from Korea dramas.
The language from the South lacks intensity.

It might be similar as

British English : North Korean
American English : South Korean

People who make fun of British English in the U.S. and the people who make fun of the accents in Pyongyang are pretty much the same.
Let’s go back to the story.

There was one author who really loved Matsuo Bashō.
This is him.

I forgot his name, but he was totally obsessed with Bashō.

“There’s no such writer who gives a fine description about nature other than Bashō in Japan! An ancient pond / a frog jumps in / the splash of water. That is so wonderful!!”

The author always talked about Bashō’s poems.

I felt a little jealous about Bashō and so I lied to him,
“Bashō isn’t that great in Japan these days. There’s a genius called Ryuhei Ueshima (a comedian in Japan) and he is way better.”
The author wasn’t interested at all and ignored me.
Why Ueshima? I don’t know. It just came up to my mind.

I changed my target to another author.
I told him the same thing.
“Maybe Bashō was pretty good, but nowadays Ryuhei Ueshima is more famous for his works.”

He believed me.

I told him,
“He screams YAHH as a sign of his creation. Will you please do it with me?”

The author and I together : “YAHHH




























He was a good guy.

I wasn’t making fun of this guy at all.
He probably knew I was joking and took a picture with me.
What I wanted to show was that, there are people who know and study about Japanese culture a lot, and that there are playful people like him!
Thank you.

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