False articles using pics from North Korea are going way too far!


Today I want to talk about all the news made up about North Korea.

Here’s a good example.
North Korea confirms it has landed a man on the Sun

The words behind the news caster shows something about medicines and it has nothing to do with missiles. People who read Hangul would obviously know that this is a fake.
I couldn’t find such news on the website of the Korean Central News Agency. (Please tell me if you can!)

Well, since North Korea is an expert in using Photoshop, I guess it’s inevitable for people to use pictures from North Korea like a copyright-free material.
I think this is too much… and think it’s unfair, that making up news is okay just because it’s North Korea.

I also tweeted earlier about the impression of North Korea = Coal Mines.

I think it’s funny too, but to tell the truth, that story may be a little too old.
I asked a friend in North Korea and he said,
“That was back in the old days. Mines are all run by machines and we don’t need any people to work.”
I haven’t had a chance to visit the mines, so I’m not that sure if that’s the single truth.
Maybe the “concentration camps” are more talked about, but I can’t comment on this…

Let’s go back to talking about “mines”.
North Korea participated in the World Cup in 2010. They made a head start against Brazil and fought well, but lost to Portugal by 0-7. There was a news that all players and the manager were sent to coal mines because they had lost pretty badly. (I think this was told by a British news source)

The manager, Kim Jong Fun, did not go to work in a coal mine, but instead,he was promoted to vice minister for the Ministry of Physical Education. I wanted to interview him so that he could make a joke about this news saying “I’m Kim from the coal mine!! “ but my request was turned down.
His rank became pretty high and so it wasn’t easy just to even meet him.

I think North Korea’s soccer strategy is unique. They have a slogan like “We won’t score, and we won’t let you score neither”, and they play by making big walls.
I know it’s not that great, but that persistent play style should be a tradition.

(an elite soccer school in North korea. You get expelled if you fail.)

That’s all for today!

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