Going Abroad With The North Korean Passport Part II


Hey there!


I’m here today to talk about what happened after I got my North Korean Passport. With this, the world now recognizes me as a citizen from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


I decided to go on a trip using this passport.

On the way, I had to use Korean Airlines and I had to stop in Seoul for transit.

Why on earth would I do that with this passport?

It’s just because the tickets were cheaper this way.


I was feeling uneasy about my passport but I had no problems checking in.

When I entered the boarding gate, there was an announcement calling my name.

I knew it was about my passport, and so I went to the service counter.


My guess was wrong. It was just a notice about my seat’s TV set having problems. While the airline staff was apologizing about the circumstances, I felt the urge to do some mischief. I decided to show my North Korean passport.


Suddenly, the staff began to talk in Korean and seemed very terrified.

“Is …is….is…..it okay….?”

The staff was almost crying.


I would understand why.

Way back, there was such an incident as the “ Bombing of Korean Air Flight 858” .


If I was a terrorist, I wouldn’t be showing my North Korean passport to everybody…

So I guess the staff was real confused, trying to understand what was happening.


By the way, all the CAs from Korean Airline were sexy.


After two hours of flying, I arrived at Incheon airport.

I went through the transit gate, and I was predicting that I would be stopped by the staff.


Instead, this was what happened.

Staff : “Passport please…..uhh…..W….WOW!!!!? Is this real? You’re from the North?”

Me: “That’s’ right!” I answered with a smile.


He didn’t stop me and instead, he replied

“I was bored to death you know! It was my first time seeing the passport from the North! Thanks a lot!!”

We shook hands and that was all that happened.


*For your notice again, this was something that happened quite a while ago.

I have no idea what would happen if you try now. I think there are only a few people who posses the North passport in Japan.

This was my meal on the plane.

画像 001

By the way, I had a hard time going in and out of the country I was heading to. They treated me like I was a terrorist.

My tour guide there told me , “I’ve been doing a tour guide for ten years, but it’s my first time to see such passport.”



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