Tour Guides From North Korea

A tour guide is definitely needed if you are visiting North Korea.

It’s said that they are watching us very carefully, but they are in fact really friendly if you get to know them better.

Let me introduce some of the guides I have met.


Mr. Lee (False name/ man on the left)


I was moved by his hospitality and he was very kind.

He did everything for us but I put him in trouble just once.


When we were climbing a mountain, there was a beautiful river.

It was restricted to swim in it.

But I just had to do it.

I might not have a chance to visit North Korea again in my life, so we decided to swim.

A man in my team jumped in the river and started to swim.


The custodian ran up to Mr. Lee and shouted like hell.

Mr. Lee told the custodian that the man was just “taking a bath” and that he wasn’t swimming.


Later, Mr. Lee came back with a smile, and so I guess there were no problems.


By the way, Mr. Lee was a guy who kept his style of wearing leather shoes with a clutch bag, even when climbing a real steep mountain.


Ms. Chong (false name/ women on the right)


She was a real great guide and she made all impossible things possible.

She’s probably the best of all guides I have met.


She could take us to restricted areas, and she would let us do what we wanted to.


She was so warm-hearted, she peeled an apple for me when I was sick in bed.


She was different from a practical North Korean lady, and she would probably win if she fought with Hilary Clintion.


She was also real open-minded and she would let us take pictures of her making funny faces.


The day after tomorrow, she would ask if she could check our cameras. We thought we might have taken a picture of something restricted….

But a few minutes later, she returned the camera to us saying that there were no problems.


Later, I checked my camera to see Ms. Chong’s funny pictures……but all of those photos were deleted…

My god.


Well, that was Ms. Tei. She always complained about how here husband doesn’t do his chores. I guess women at work carry the same problems all around the world.


Since she was a guide, she couldn’t go back home often, and so her daughter was always upset with her. One day, she texted her,  “I hate you mom”.Ms. Chong was real upset about this and that was the first time I recognized her as just a mother of a daughter.


Ms. Chong was promoted later so she’s not a guide anymore.


All of the guides were real nice people.


There was one legendary guide….and I will talk about him soon.


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