Hi All

Hi All,my name is Ms.Green.

I’m a writer & editor, and I have covered a lot of issues, especially about North Korea, using my original source of information.
I have had cultural exchanges with the people in North Korea, and I have seen a lot of their personal and humane aspects.

I do understand what kind of impression people in the world (especially the people in the West) have towards North Korea.
I don’t want to deny the lives of the people who are having a hard time living in there.
I also have no intentions of talking about the government and politics in North Korea.

The majority may think about North Korea as a country of evil and despair, but I have found smiles and laughter and people with love.I have learned the truth, which is that love can exist in any place all around the world.

My reports may be trivial things for the people who want to deny it. Even if it’s an aspect of the story, it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.

I hope someday, that this blog will lose its significance.




Special Thanks to YD,IY,kuzo,Yabukih.




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