“Let it go” and “Oh Youth”


Have you seen the Disney movie “Frozen”?

I’m not interested in Disney movies, and I realized that I haven’t seen an animated movie in 20years….

But after watching it for five minutes…I was crying like hell!!
I’m a grownup by I saw it on English with subtitles, in Japanese, and even on 3D.
I really love it.
Some people say Disney plagiarized from “Saint Seiya” but I think that’s unreasonable.

It’s said, that the movie great because it’s not the typical “Happy-ending” type of story…..but I think it’s because the movie is about unconditional love, and that is why it’s the best animated movie in history!
The theme song “Let it go” is also great.

It’s a song about Elsa (the Queen) singing about how she couldn’t keep a secret….and how being herself is great…
I think the sense of freedom from this song has, is why a lot of the grownups love it.

There is a North Korean movie just like “Let it Go”.

I was surprised to find it on YouTube…
Some North Korean freaks have commented “Give it to us in ENGLISH!!”

(Oh,I found English sub ver. just nowLOL


Let me tell you about the story.

It’s about a family in North Korea.
There is a son who studies history (a 30 year old virgin), 5 younger sisters who are all athletes, and their parents.

The first scene you would laugh is probably when the daughter who lifts weights comes home and carries her father…

The father is a sports journalist and that’s why he looks after the daughters.
The mother doesn’t like her daughters being an athlete so she is always grumpy about it.
The son also doesn’t like his sisters being athletes so they are always in a fight.
But I guess the mother has more power in this family, and the father is always timid in front of his wife.

The tough-looking mom uses her daughters to find a bride for her son.
The daughters show the mom a portrait of some girl….but since they are all athletes, their mom does not approve any of them at all.
There’s a scene where one daughter shows a picture of a real macho and ugly girl just for laughs and it’s pretty funny.
The mom shouts “We need a girl who could just carry a rice maker!!”

On the other side, the son isn’t interested in girls at all, and so he speaks to his sisters that he will not date any girls until he graduates.

But one day…the son does date a girl…and the girl was actually a Tae Kwon Do fighter of the national team. The son doesn’t know about this and he just keeps talking about history on their date.

There is a scene where they are riding a roller coaster in a theme park, but he keeps talking about history. Just like a classic comedy movie.
It’s interesting how “nerds” are all the same around the world.

The son keeps showing a sense of discrimination for girls doing sports…and the girl becomes real worried.

People watching the movie would all want the girl to beat up the annoying “nerd”.

The father and the sisters became impatient about their relationship so they decided to set up a “classic” prank for them. They hired punks to bully the two, and so that the girl would use her Tae Kwon Do skills in front of him to impress him.

The plan went well and the punks beat up the son….. They threw him into the pond and tried to kidnap the girl.
Just when everything seemed hopeless, the girl knocks out all the punks.

Son: “What the…..who are you?”
Girl: “I’m a Tae Kwon Do fighter…”
Wooo…. It does sound pretty stupid.

The plan went well, and the two began to get along with each other.
One day, the son goes to the world match the girl is participating….But the mother discovers that her son is dating an athlete and so she decides to go to the match to stop him from dating with her.

There’s a scene where a person with a blond wig (probably a roll as a foreigner) who comes up to the mother to ask if he could sit next to her, but his wig isn’t put on properly and it looks real funny…I couldn’t stop laughing about this. Did he have to appear in this scene?

When the match begins, the mother begins to cheer for the girl.

And then again, there was a scene I couldn’t miss.
The referee was a man, not wearing a wig this time, but had his hair spray painted in yellow. It’s worse than how Hollywood movies stereotype Asians.

In the end, the girl wins the match, and the mother has changed her mind. She speaks “I was wrong…there is nothing wrong with girls doing sports…you’re part of the family now!!”

The theme of this movie was against the discrimination of girls participating in athletics. Isn’t it like “Let it go”?
I think it also shows the truth about discrimination and prejudice, which is that “It is not REAL at all, and that it doesn’t come from formative experience.”

The boy had distorted views about girls playing sports because…

– he was brainwashed by his mom
– he didn’t like his sisters
– he doesn’t have any friends or people around him that plays sports
– he himself is weak

In this movie, you can see how prejudice and discrimination is born from bias information and experiences….and how these feelings amplify when it connects to an inferiority complex. You can also see how all of this is broken down and I think the movie did a good job of showing it.

As you can see, you can’t underestimate movies from North Korea.
Some are too clichéd and too forceful in a bad way but they are all constructed pretty well….especially the comedy movies.

By the way, I wonder what the children would think if they see “Frozen”.
I would want to try some day….but I’ll be punished harshly so I’ll keep it just to my imagination.