Mr. Kim

This story is a sequel to the “Tour guide” episodes.

Mr. Kim was a legendary tour guide among the people who have visited North Korea.
His first impression wasn’t quite bad.
When I first met him, I asked him which school he graduated from.
He laughed and said, “I’ve only graduated high school.”
Later, I found out that he had graduated from Kim Il-sung University’s elite course, and that he looked down on people who didn’t go to universities.

When we got to know each other well, he started to act very rude.

– He came late for breakfast, but he told us to change seats just because he was elder.
– When I bought some bread and water at a store, he told me to hand over the water, and he drank about half of the bottle and gave it back.
– He constantly says “Since I’m an elite…..”
– He starts asking for cigarettes in trade for guides.

….and so on.

That’s why we started to really hate Mr. Kim, but I also liked to make fun of this guy.
When he showed up, I ran into his way. I also asked stupid questions just to confuse and annoy him.
When there was a big storm in North Korea, I told him the next day,
“Mr.K…K…….Kim!!! The Tower of Juche Idea has collapsed!!”
Mr. Kim was very surprised and he ran to the window checking for the tower and that was very hilarious to me.


(Tower of Juche Idea)

He always seemed pretty angry at those times always saying “not funny…”.
One day, I crossed the line.

In someplace, I found a lump of mud and poop mixed together, which seemed pretty much like a fine piece of artwork to me. I knew I had to deliver this to Mr. Kim, so I ran to him with the lump in my hand.

Mr. Kim obviously wasn’t pleased with my present, and he swore to me in Korean,

“You xxxxxxxx. I won’t let you go this time!!!”.

He was mad with me for a few days and I was very scared. After a while, he began to talk to me again.
For a while I was really worried.

I seem to have a habit of running into specific people, and end up getting into a lot of trouble as you see.
But I guess that’s the way I live! Haha

A few years after, I saw Mr. Kim on a newspaper and he was introduced as “ a model guide”. Either he reformed, or I guess his father was a man with power or what so ever.

I wonder how he is doing right now.




Oh…he reconciled with me later so don’t worry.

He even took a picture with me.
Considering his circumstances, I can’t show you what he looks like.
I’m very sorry…Mr. Kim.

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